4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1989, NES) by LJN

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The Karate Kid, game #3 in the Trials went well, right? What could go wrong with game #4? Well, where should we begin?

For starters, this game is notoriously difficult for casual players. Playing as Detective Valiant, you and Roger must retrieve items and parts of the will to solve the case and take down Judge Doom. Easier said than done; this game hides all the pieces in random places filled with difficult enemies and cryptic hints.

The speedrun, in theory, avoids all of this with what’s known as “RNG seeding”. Using a specific combination of hardware and timing, one can start the game on a specific frame, allowing the runner to know exactly where things will be, and when enemies will attack! Sounds amazing, right? Well hold the dip; this extremely difficult technique requires timing that, unfortunately, I could not get down. In desperation, I reached out to the WR holder, but he provided little in assistance and I was on my own.

After an evening of difficult and frustrating failures, I finally completed the game and said enough was enough. This was a one-and-done and I hate it. I would love to return to this game someday and properly execute the speedrun, but as is, I hated everything about this trial and my experience with another LJN “masterpiece”.


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