16. Rocky

Rocky (1987, SMS) by Sega

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I feared this day from the moment I made the games list.

Watching the Nerd’s review doesn’t do this game justice. This is without a doubt, one of the most difficult games in the history of video gaming. At first glance, it doesn’t sound so bad. 3 fights and GG, ez pz right? LUL you wish.

As Rocky, you must train and fight, and beat Apollo, Clubber Lang, and then Drago, to win the belt and the heart of your lady. Keep in mind, I said train. The training stages before each fight (a punching bag, a speed bag, and Mickey using gloves) are crucial to winning the fights, and knowing that beforehand I trained in real life to do this game. See, the 2nd game, the speed bag, requires you to mash at 7 button presses A FREAKING SECOND.


That is like, legitimately, what top level speedrunners can mash at, and that is required to BEAT THE TRAINING STAGE?

I was terrified of this game for that one reason. And so, the weeks leading up to this game I trained. And trained. Practiced my mashing and strengthened my forearms. And then… I did it.

This was, to this point, the second most meaningful and important part of my speedrunning career (just behind the 30/80/90 in Zelda 1/2/LTTP) and it still gives me chills when I watch my vod.

Oh yeah, this game and speedrun suck, don’t play it.


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