31. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1983, Atari 2600) by Wizard Video Games

Current 10,000 Points Leaderboard (speedrun.com)

To be quite honest, before the AVGN episode came out, I never knew this game existed. Of course, the 2600 was before my time. I never owned one as a kid, and I didn’t play one very often growing up. This game is one of those ones where people said it couldn’t be speedran, and yet here I sit looking at a leaderboard with 8 entries today. That being said, this is still an awful RNG fest of a run, and not anything I’d really recommend.

You control Leatherface in a field full of obstacles, and your goal is to chase down little girls… and chop ’em up. Yep. And that’s the entire game. It’s… well, Atari 2600, what did you expect?

The speedrun to 10,000 points is about as basic as that description above. There’s really not much to say. No tech, no tricks, no routes. Just walk back and forth and chop the girls up. Hope that they don’t juke you too much (that appears to be random, though I never figured that out). Get 10,000 points and GG. Yay.


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