88. Cheetahmen (Action 52)

Cheetahmen (Action 52) (1991, NES) by Active Enterprises

Current Cheetahmen Leaderboard (speedrun.com)

As much fun as Streemerz was, you would think the marquee game of Action 52 would be the best one… right? RIGHT? Oh dear… this game… Cheetahmen barely qualifies as a game. It’s… pretty bad. Awful graphics, awful sound, music that gets really old and fast… and the controls… they’re unspeakably bad.

The speedrun is better than you might think. By no means am I sitting here trying to convince you that it’s good… it’s not. But there’s some tech here, and it legitimately takes some skill to do. There’s also a weird glitchy skip that I was unable to pull off on console, which probably cost me any shot at the WR. It’s more of a chore than a blast to play, but you will find a shred of enjoyment. But if you’re really looking for something good to play, this aint it.

I could tell you more, but my words won’t do this justice. Watch the Nerd explain everything.


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