121. Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet

Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet (1996, PlayStation) by Accolade

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Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet (PlayStation)
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This game is so bad.  Like, it’s rare that I find a game that repulses me to play it.  The thought of picking up my Sony PlayStation controller and booting this atrocity up makes me nauseous.  Bubsy 3D is a mess of ear-bleeding voice acting, awful graphics, terrible music and sound, awful level design, repetitive gameplay, AND THE WORST 3D CONTROLS I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE.  This game plays so poorly that The Crow feels like Super Mario 64 in comparison.

The controls are easily the worst part.  For example, you can run (using up on the D-Pad, no analog thumbstick support here) and let go of the D-Pad, and Bubsy decides he’s gonna keep on running.  Right into an insta-death pit.  You try to line up jumps and shots and the overly sensitive controls make minute adjustments overly difficult.  Even getting a jump to land is complicated due to the worst 3D camera I’ve ever seen.  The camera goes OVER HEAD when you jump and becomes very disorienting.  Also, when Bubsy takes a hit it zooms IN FRONT of him!  It’s so bad.  SO SO BAD.

The speedrun DOES have some fun tech, but it’s so overshadowed by the awful controls and terrible presentation that it couldn’t make up for this abysmal crap pile if it were three times as awesome.  That said, the wall jumping to get “out of bounds” is fun, and the infinite jump glitch is pretty cool (when it actually works).  The fan glitch is super cool, even if extremely frustrating to pull off.  And if I had to say one positive thing about the game: the boss fights are kind of fun?  I mean, seriously, I’m reaching here!

Seriously.  You’re better off not playing video games.  Stay FAR away.

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