140. Gnat Attack (Mario Paint)

Gnat Attack (Mario Paint) (1992, SNES) by Nintendo

Current Gnat Attack 1 Loop Leaderboard (speedrun.com)

Yet another game that was probably going to be impossible to speedrun, the Nerd’s review of LJN Video Art brought about yet another conundrum: how do I speedrun a game that has no object? Luckily for me, in that episode he shows many games that CAN be speedrun, such as Color A Dinosaur… and Mario Paint.

How do you speedrun Mario Paint, you might ask yourself? It’s easy! In Mario Paint, there are many things to do, including an amazing minigame called Gnat Attack; using the SNES Mouse, you can swat flies, mosquitos, and other enemies in a fun little distraction. It’s simple, but controls well, and is a blast!

The speedrun is pretty straightforward: just beat 1 loop of the game as fast as you can! It’s addictive, fun, and easy to learn! It’s nothing overly substantial, but I can say with certainty that most people would enjoy this speedrun, as a fun, short-term project.

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