New Channel Intro Hype

By the time most of you are reading this, my awesome editor (and 1st level expert) OnlyLevelOne, will be working hard on a video which will become my channel’s new video intro for my live streams! Every time I go live, while I set up, make sure Peanut Butter is fed and happy, and that I am fed and happy, this video will play for you all, leading into when my cam is on, my microphone is hot, and my body is ready. JodiesSmile.

This video will have cameos from many of Twitch’s retro and speedrunning communities, and if you’re part of those you will certainly recognize a few of the folks that lent their talents to my silly lil cause. Not only that, but we have a few celebrity cameos on board, and possibly a few others as well from YouTube and Twitch.

This isn’t anything groundbreaking in the grand scheme of my stream, but I can guarantee you this: this video will entertain you, this video will get you hype for my streams, and I am so grateful for all of the folks that are pulling resources together to make this happen!

(oh yeah, and the Tomb Raider learning is still going strong, I’m almost ready to begin actual runs. The site itself is almost finished as well, with a few more entries to touch up and some merch items to add.)

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