What a couple of days! Trial #100 has begun, and it is going smoothly! Super Mario Bros. 3 is so much fun to speedrun! That, however, is but a small part of the bigger picture. The reaction and reception the new channel trailer has received has been above-and-beyond anything I imagined! It’s so cool seeing how excited and hype people get when the trailer comes on!

I won’t link the video here (in fact, I plan on taking it down from YouTube in the next couple of days, so that people will need to tune in live to see it at but the reception was overwhelmingly positive and excited! People seem to adore it, and I am so grateful not only to the dozens of people that contributed to the project, but once again to the amazing OnlyLevelOne for his hard work in editing and direction.

However, there is one video from that day, the 100th AVGN Trial Special, that I would like to share (and link here). This is a clips montage from that day that you can watch. It’s relatively shoddy in its’ editing, and was thrown together in like an hour, but it IS a collection of my most popular clips from the Trials on my Twitch channel. It’s a good and fun watch if you are a fan of the trials 🙂

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