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175. The Town With No Name

The Town With No Name (1992, PC) by On-Line Entertainment

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My name’s not Shane, kid.

Certainly one of the easiest (and dumbest) any% speedruns this side of Crazybus, The Town With No Name is a silly, humorous, and ridiculous comedy game disguised as a serious attempt at a Spaghetti Western...

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183. Chex Quest

Chex Quest (1996, PC) by Digital Café

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The 1990’s were such a wild west of video game making and experimentation that we will likely never see again.  It’s sad, really.  You would never, ever see a game like this made today, there would be lawsuits up the ying yang...

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184. Trespasser

Trespasser (1998, PC) by Electronic Arts

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I fully expected a trainwreck.  How could I help it?  Have you seen this game?  It’s awful!  Or, at least on the surface it is.  As a speedrun it is...

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122. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (2003, PC) by GameMill Publishing

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This is not a game.

A game has an objective.  You can win or lose a game.  There are goals, and enemies, opponents, or adversaries in some way in a game.  Games are usually structured and have rules...

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