22. Doom

Doom (1994, 32x) by id Software

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-Virtua Fighter
-Star Wars Arcade
-Primal Rage
-Knuckles Chaotix
-Corpse Killer (CD 32x) (also shown in this episode, but it wasn’t chosen)
-Night Trap (CD 32x)

(note: for this themed AVGN episode, all games considered are for the Sega 32x)

What need to be said about Doom? It’s the Granddaddy of 1st Person Shooters! It’s been ported to almost every console known to man at this point, and in its heyday, it was ported to all of the current consoles on the market. When the 32x released, Doom was rushed out the door to make the launch, and it’s probably the best Doom game on home consoles at the time… except they forgot some levels and the music is pretty awful…

The AVGN “32x” episode has a lot of games to choose from.  Initially, I chose the Star Wars Arcade game for this episode…. and then I played that.  Nope.  Uh-uh.  I immediately changed my mind and switched to Doom, and that was a supremely superior choice to Star Wars Arcade.  That game… was really awful.  This…. was amazing!

The speedrun has a few little tricks, but that’s not what drives this speedrun. The run is full of tech and hard tricks, but THAT isn’t either. What drives this game is the different levels and how to route through them, the enemies you have to choose to fight or flee from… this is such a great speedrun! I can imagine the PC versions are a superior speedrun to this, but this version plays well with a basic Genesis 6-button controller. It feels so good, and responsive.

Thanks to jrmhd91‘s help, I was able to figure out a lot of the tricky spots of this run and get myself to the point where I could achieve a respectable time. This was my first time beating ANY version of Doom, and I had an absolute blast running this game. This might not be the best way to speedrun Doom, but you could certainly do worse than running the 32x version. Absolutely a blast!


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