95. Altered Beast

Altered Beast (1988, Genesis) by Sega

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Altered Beast (Genesis)
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THERE WERE SO MANY GAMES I’M SURE I MISSED!  IT MADE ME INSANE, TRYING TO MAKE THIS LIST!  And I’m sure you’ll find many, as I did myself.  But I just happened to have Altered Beast on my shelf.

I’ll preface this with a statement: considering this game came out in 1988, I don’t want to be too hard on it. But that being said, a lot of amazing video games came out that year, and since this game was 16-bit you’d think it would have had a more substantial experience, even if it was a port of an arcade game.

Now, that being said, Altered Beast is not a great game today. It’s not horrible or anything, don’t get me wrong… but meh graphics and stiff controls, combined with a super-simple and short game that doesn’t have a ton of variety. Most enemies are simple and take 1-2 hits to kill. If you miss a power-up, the game loops. The bosses are relatively simple, and the powerups (aka the “Altered Beasts”) only take hold for a short part of each stage and disappear after.

Writing this review solidifies my opinion: this is not a good game.

Now, the speedrun is not as bad as the game is casually… there’s a little bit of tech and strats involved. But at the end of the day, this is still a glorified autoscroller. Not a terrible run by any means… but far from a classic.

On the flipside, it’s super easy to learn! Anyone can learn it in a few hours.

This was one of the games the Nerd reviewed in his “How the Nerd Stole Christmas” video. I chose this one because it was more iconic, and it looked fun to learn.  Fun?  Not so much.  It was easy, at least…

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